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Crane FMEA Analyses

Cranes and other lifting equipment used on vessels and in offshore applications must be in a fully functional condition and operating safely.

Crane Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) involves reviewing as many components, assemblies, and subsystems as possible to identify failure modes, and their causes and effects.

Crane FMEA’s are carried out by top-class technical consultants and addresses the following essential parameters:

The Crane’s Functional Purposes

Constant Tension/Heave Compensation

Crane and Boom Type

Crane Arrangements

Environmental Operating Conditions

Hook, Luff and Slew Speed

Lifting Capacity and Working Radius

Lifting Height and Depth

Off Lead/Side Lead

Vessel Motions

Wire Construction

Working Height

The Crane FMEA Analyses from DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS analysis covers all crane components.