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Remote DP Trials

Remote DP Trials – A New Cutting Edge Service for Cost Effective DP Annual System Tests

Remote DP Trials – a new unique and innovative service only available from the market leaders DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS…

…the only Dynamic Positioning service provider able to offer these Cutting Edge Services.

Benefits of Remote DP Trials:

Perform trials at vessels convenience, during idle or waiting periods.
Vessel crew perform the testing, vast increase in crew skills set & system / vessel knowledge.
Easy to implement.
Fixed annual fee per vessel per year.

Trials spread over 11 month period.
Trials implemented into vessels PMS – each test becomes a maintenance routine.
IMCA compliant using a 3rd party verification company.
DP & Marine Assurance Norway are the only experienced & established 3rd party remote trial verification company.
Annual trials report will look exactly as it does for single event trials.
Major cost savings – no need for a surveyor to attend. No travel, no visa, no stress.
Utilises time the vessel would otherwise be idle.

The system has been rigorously tested and proven in joint trials between Maersk Supply Service and DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS using remote communications.

This is the way forward in an industry where operating costs are under extreme pressure…

The safe, efficient & cost effective Cutting Edge Service from the Market Leaders in Remote DP trials.

Annual DP Trials are a vital and industry recommended requirement for any vessels using Dynamic Positioning systems for offshore vessels, drilling rigs, platforms, rigs and shuttle tankers – marine, construction, drilling and floating production vessels.

DP Trials – The Previous Way

A conventional DP Trial involves skilled and experienced inspectors/surveyors and engineers travelling to and spending time onboard a vessel to test the Dynamic Positioning system. They test all aspects of the DP system’s failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) to verify that the vessels systems remain in accordance with the redundancy concept.

This involves inspectors/surveyors travelling to the vessel location, incurring fuel and expenses costs, obtaining visas, unneeded paperwork – not to mention the availability of inspectors/surveyors and often having the vessel off hire for long periods. All of this is timeconsuming, costly, and does nothing good for the environment.

Remote DP Trials – The Novel Way

Now there is a new and unique technological method…

The required test documentation is issued to the vessel each year and is embedded into the vessels existing routines such as to make them standard procedures for the crew. The tests are conducted under the supervision of the Master, SDPO, Electrician and / or Chief Engineer just the same as they are for single event trials.

After testing, the results are sent back to us at DP & Marine Assurance Norway, and we provide the professional scrutiny & verification required under present IMCA guidance. We will either verify & accept, request further evidence of test procedure & results, or reject the results & request it be repeated. After 12 months an annual trials report is issued much the same is it is for single event trials.

Remote DP Trials – In Detail

Annual DP trials test sheets are prepared by DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS and issued to each subject vessel covering the forthcoming 12 month period. These will be identical to the tests which would have been prepared for single-event trials and are fully IMCA compliant, much as they are now.

The vessel owners Technical Operations Department needs to decide whether each Vessel Superintendent will enter the trials into the vessels PMS (Planned Maintenance System) or if this should be done in a similar way for all vessels using the Remote DP Trials service.

Each vessel will perform the tests as time and work load permits. For example during standby time in the field or between jobs.

The test sheets are forwarded to DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS who act as independent 3rd party scrutineers, complete with supporting evidence in the form of photographs, screendumps, trends etc. This will also include supporting documents on how the test results were obtained.

DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS will establish a secure vessel specific database for each individual vessel.

Every 11th month, each vessel will be requested to complete and return the machinery status, running hours, maintenance and personnel records as per IMCA annual DP trials templates, the same as is required for single-event trials.

At the end of the 12th month, each vessel will receive an ‘Annual DP Trials’ report from DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS, which will look exactly as it would for a single event DP trials report and be 100% compliant with industry guidance.

At the same time as the ‘Annual DP Trials’ are issued, DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS will also issue the test schedule for the forthcoming 12 months, and the process will repeat itself, only with a different set of test sheets.

DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS are market leaders in Remote DP Trials and are the only Dynamic Positioning service provider offering this unique and innovative service.

This is the way forward in an industry where operating costs are under extreme pressure…

The safe, efficient & cost effective technology for DP trials.