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Marine Condition Surveys

DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS Marine Condition Surveys ensures that a vessel is safe and effective for its intended operations. They enable vessel owners to be aware of any areas onboard and inboard a vessel that require remedial work and any repairs before they result in failure.

Marine Condition Surveys are an important tool in ascertaining the general seaworthiness, operation and maintenance of a vessel that results in fewer incidents, accidents and cases of damage. Marine Condition Survey Reports are a vital consideration to gain vessel insurance.

Marine Condition Surveys provide vessel owners, charterers, and underwriters with an independent report on a ships overall condition, the vessel’s operating procedures and crew training and safety awareness.

Pre-Purchase Marine Condition Survey

Our Pre-Purchase Marine Condition Survey provides prospective buyers with useful information concerning a vessels structural integrity and machinery condition as well as its maintenance history and class records.

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