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Vessel Re-commissioning

If you currently have decommissioned vessels, DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS are ready to provide the required assistance to reactivate laid-up vessels; quickly, safely and efficiently.

This new service provides vessel owners with comprehensive assistance in bringing decommissioned vessels up to standard with zero risk to personal safety, assets or the environment. This quick and efficient solution to re-commissioning can reactivate vessels in as little as 24 hours, depending on what maintenance has been carried out during lay-up and the mode of lay-up (Hot, Warm or Cold).

Designed to save you time and money in re-commissioning, DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS assist in providing all relevant surveys and reports on your vessels condition and re-commissioning timeline. Our dedicated team of Masters & Chief Engineers are fully aware of Class and Flag State requirements, and are fully capable in assisting you in bringing vessels up to all required standards for active use.

If you have a vessel that requires re-commissioning now or in the future, contact us for more information.

Vessel Re Activation Service