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A FREE & Unique Vessel Assurance Management System

DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS are providing all new & existing clients access to a unique vessel assurance management system specifically designed for your vessel inspection & reporting.

This new system is designed to provide a streamlined approach to managing your vessel’s inspections & reports by bringing together all of the relevant information into an easy-to-use platform. With a comprehensive list of inspection status, findings updates, vessel specific documents and rolling trials reports, this new system is vital for any vessel owner looking to efficiently manage their vessel assurance.

Being designed specifically for vessel assurance, this state of the art system is only available through DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS, market leaders in marine assurance services.

Why not take a look for yourself… You can log in and browse the online system using our demonstration account details:

Username: new.client@dpmarine.org
Password: password

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Posted by dpmarineadmin / Posted on 26 Feb
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