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Dynamic Positioning Trials are Improving with New IMCA Guidelines…

Recent development in the guidelines for Dynamic Positioning Annual Trials Programmes have been made by the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA). These updated guidelines now see ‘incremental trials’ being applied to all types of offshore vessels as well as existing AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel’s) & PSV’s (Platform Supply Vessel’s).

These improved guidelines provide a 5 year programme for your vessel’s Dynamic Positioning Trials, including: annual testing of critical equipment, incremental testing throughout the year, planned maintenance system and records references, and a rolling programme of tests conducted over a period of more than 12 months.

DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS are at the forefront of these changes. You can be assured that our remote & attended DP Trials are carried out in-line with the current change in guidelines and procedures, providing your vessels with the very best testing & support.

Other companies have started to offer similar schemes claiming to provide the same level of service, but only DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS have acquired the experience & expertise gained over many years of pioneering DP Trials. We not only have extensive experience in performing these trials, we also continue to develop and improve them, making us the ONLY ones who can offer you the very best in DP Trials.

If you would like to benefit from our Dynamic Positioning Trials, visit www.dpmarine.org or contact us on: +47 92032277

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