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NEW ‘Polar Code’ Compliance Services

As part of our commitment to improving the standards of marine assurance, we are proud to introduce our new compliance services for the protection of vessels & crews working in Polar waters.

The ‘Polar Code’ is a mandatory international code of safety for all ships and vessels operating in polar waters around the Arctic and Antarctica. The code is designed to safeguard the unique polar eco-system from the impact increased shipping is having on the earths polar ice caps, sea life and wildlife, as well as providing protection to vessels and the people working on them in these extreme harsh environments.

The Polar Code requires all forms of ships and vessels to apply for a classification certificate, allowing them to legally operate within the laws and restrictions of the Polar Code. This means your vessel is now required to meet stringent standards before being accepted for certification or allowed to operate in polar waters.

Our Polar Code Compliance Audits & vessel specific Polar Code manuals provide you with assurance that your vessels meet the high standards of certification and classification by the International Maritime Organisation.

With the full range of skills and experience of DP Marine, ensuring your vessel is ready for certification is easier than ever. Our dedicated team of marine assurance professionals are here to provide audits in line with Polar Code regulations, helping your vessel qualify and avoiding delays in operation. Each audit includes in-depth assessments and reviews of your vessels operating conditions, limitations, plans or procedures, manuals, on-board systems and much more.

Don’t leave your next audit to chance… trust the experts!

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